Brutal Beatdown MMA “300” Workout” (Video)

21825384_m (1)It’s not a secret that I’m a huge fan of my 300 Workouts.

Meaning the circuits that have you complete 300 reps of specific exercises in the fastest time.

These workouts are super effective and challenge you both physically and mentally.

Sometimes I find it essential to add 300 workouts to your overall training regimen or even as a finisher.

The cool thing about these workouts is that they are metabolic so it helps you to burn fat, improve cardio and improve your muscle. With the right mix of exercises, they can maker you more athletic as well

Finally many 300 workouts were created to take you to the limit of you mental ability. You can do these circuits every once in a while to not only test yourself, but to raise the bar of your own expectations and what you think you are capable of.

It’s usually our minds that hinder our lack of physical ability, strength and conditioning. My “300 Workouts” are designed to shatter those limitations.

Like today’s “300 Workout” I have for you looks simple on paper, but when you start it and get going, you will find that this will take you to a whole other level!

Brutal Beatdown MMA 300
Complete each exercise one at a time for the prescribed reps. Rest when need and ensure that you keep your time

Sprawls – 100 reps (Full body explosive movement, cardio and functional)
Rotational Mountain Climbers 300 Reps (Core Strength, Rotational Power, Shoulder Stability)
Jumping Lunges – 100 Reps (Lower Body Plyometric movement, Explosiveness, Lactate Threshold)

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