Bodyweight Circuit (Conditioning for MMA Class Highlights)

Just thought I would share highlights of one of my weekly Conditioning for MMA Classes where we use metabolic bodyweight circuits.

Here are some highlights of this deadly 3 round, 10-exercise circuit.

We had 3 fighters that were preparing for upcoming MMA bouts in March 2014.

I run weekly conditioning classes at Evolucao Thai and MMA School in Toronto.

Conditioning Class (Highlights of Rd 2 & 3)

Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and then repeat for 3 full rounds.

Metabolic Circuit

1. Side to Side Burpees/Double Burpees
2. Judo Push Ups
3. Rotating Jump Lunges
4. V-Ups
5. Explosive Jumping Jacks
6. Mountain Climbers
7. Jump Squats
8. Kick Ups
9. Plank Raises
10. Sprawl with Knee

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