Best Videos of 2014


Each year I highlight the top 10 videos I posted on my YouTube page and blog.

This year I uploaded over 140 videos.

I had an awesome variety of videos that were focused on MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Sport Athletes, Trainers and Coaches.

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1. 33 best bodyweight exercises for fighters

33 Best Bodyweight Exercises for MMA, Combat Sport and Martial Arts Fighters
In this video Funk goes through the 33 best bodyweight exercises for all combat fighters. These exercises cover overall strength, explosive power, muscle mass, core strength, endurance, conditioning/cardio, stability and agility.

2. 10 Best Strength Exercises for Fighters

Strength is your base and everything is build on top of it. In order to improve at other physical attributes and in your overall performance you must build strength

3. MMA Strength & Conditioning Workout #3

MMA Strength and Conditioning Workout – “Finisher Strong” – Metabolic resistance circuit for fighters that will help improve strength and muscular endurance.

(MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Grappling, Kickboxing, Judo, Karate, Wrestling, Sambo, Taekwondo)

Strength and Conditioning Circuit for Fighters – this is a fighter circuit targeted to improve cardio, muscular and strength endurance, explosiveness, abs and core strength.

4. 10 Best Plyometrics Exercises for Fighters

Most martial arts rely on fast, explosive movements like hopping, jumping, kicking, pushing, punching, throwing, hitting and slapping.

With this list of various explosive movements it is important all MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Athletes incorporate plyometrics into their training routines.

5. Bodyweight Workout For MMA, Jiu Jitsu And Muay Thai

Workout from my weekly conditioning for fighters class. Most of these athletes just finished an hour and a half of jiu jitsu and stay for conditioning
This bodyweight circuit targets cardio, explosiveness, core and abs strength, muscular endurance, full body strength and mental toughness!

6. 5×5 MMA Circuit – Release The Beast

This workout has 5 stations all focusing on different aspects of what you will need to become a well-conditioned athlete and mentally tough. You will work through each station one by one for 5 minutes each.

7. Sprint Training

SPRINT DRILL from new Sprinting for Fighters program coming May 21, 2014
Funk goes through Sprint and Sprawl workout

8. Combat “300 Workout” Challenge

The 300 workout is a most popular workout you can do to get the muscular, ripped, athletic physique associated with the cast of the 300 movies. In this variation of the 300 workout you will perform 11 exercises for reps as fast as you can.

9. MMA Crossfit Workout

This Crossfit style workout is perfect for MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Athletes that are in a sport with striking. This combination of MMA training and Crossfit conditioning style circuit that will help with strength endurance and cardio for MMA and combat fighters

10. Core Crusher – Follow Along Workout

This is the abs and core finisher circuit I did with my conditioning for fighters class at

BONUS – Nutrition For Fighters Meal Plan Breakdown

In this video series I break down a sample full day meal plan for fighters. The playlist is broken into videos of each meal with great tips and alternatives. Grab you pen, paper and protein smoothie and learn about the importance of nutrition to help improve your overall performance

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