BeastMode Bodyweight Workout for Fighters

Bodyweight Workout for Fighters

Bodyweight workout for MMA, martial arts and combat fighters and those that want to look like one.

Bodyweight workouts are great to use at the gym, at home or even outside when you don’t have access to equipment but still need an effective workout.

BeastMode Bodyweight Workouts- Metabolic Circuit

Workout Instructions – Pro Version
Perform each as many reps of each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other with no rest.
Amateur 30 – 15 sec
Semi-Pro 45 -15 sec
Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 full rounds.

10 Exercises – 60-15 intervals
(Some exercises have a modified beginner version)

1. Plyo Push Ups or Regular Push Ups
2. Inverted Rows
3. Jumping Lunges or Lunges
4. Hip Triangle Raises or Hip Raises
5. Mountain Climbers or Plank Knee to Chest
6. Prisoner Squats or Bodyweight Squats
7. Plank Builds or Plank
8. Gracie or Kick Outs
9. Get up and Get Downs
10. Abs Bicycles or Leg Raise Hold

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