Band Power and Speed Training for MMA – Part 3

Band Power and Speed Training must test your ability to overcome ground reaction forces

Tired legs will not allow fighter to finish strong and MMA fitness enthusiasts the strength they need to push to a new level of fitness. Lower body band speed and power training drills like split jumps, lateral hops and frog jumps using a horizontal vector will max out your lower torso without beating up your joints.

It will also teach you how to handle ground reaction shear forces and not just vertical forces like most jumping drills do.

lower torso band workout

As a fighter or fitness enthusiasts, how well and efficiently you handle getting off the ground while a horizontal force is pulling on you, the more prepared you are for any type of multi-directional sport including many MMA type moves.

The following band power and speed training drills teach you how to absorb the ground and get off of it quickly while having to overcome a mild horizontal force vector that is driving you a certain direction.

Band Power and Speed Training Lower Torso Drills


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