Band Power and Speed Training for MMA – Part 2 – Quick Feet

Band Power and Speed Training for MMA needs to look at getting the feet moving quickly as well as the hands.

Band fast foot speed training is simple but very effective way to bring in band power and speed training into any workout regardless if it is for fitness or performance.

Before I show you my fast foot ring drills let me assist with helping you determine where you want to place them into your workout as well as provide you a program design I like to use.

foot speed

How to Implement Band Power and Speed Training Quick Foot Drills

Option 1

Make them part of your warm-up that is designed to raise the level of excitement in your CNS. This is typically where I like to place them.

Option 2

Make a part of a lower body workout by performing them after a heavy strength phase. It will reactive your quick twitch muscle and cause your body get back up to speed.

Option 3

As part a band power and speed training circuit that can be used in a MMA type bootcamp or large group training

Band Power and Speed Training Quick Foot Ring Drills

Alternate between all 6 exercises using a 20 second on 10 second off x 12 sets which means you will repeat this sequence twice.

Quick Step
Lateral Quick Step Right
Lateral Quick Step Left
Crossover Right
Crossover Left

Getting Better with BANDS

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