Band Power and Speed Training for MMA – Part 1 (Video)

Improve Punching Explosiveness by Using the Following Band Power and Speed Training Exercises

Power is a combination of velocity and force. Very often power is trained for using large forces (resistances) only. With punching speed plays a significant role in power development along with creating synergistic strength with the opposite side pulling.

band power and speed training punching

Therefore it only makes practical training sense to make sure you are training both punching and pulling at the same time or ath least in the same workout.

Punching is a key movement with MMA training, however being able to performing powerful punching means having the core to get the job done. Band training not only allows you to apply quick resistance to punching it also allows you to apply resistance to simple exercises like push-ups, pillars and pulling which are exercises that will increase your punching power.

punching band power and speed training

It is also important to take advantage of ground reaction forces by integrating a strong stationary or mobile base of support. However band power and speed training only become effective when the core allows you to integrate lower torso loading with the upper torso movement. Therefore start slow and really work on your timing by creating a short pause prior to the concentric phase of the punch or pull.

The following single arm punching and pulling sequence is best done using the following time based intervals.

Alternate sides using a 20 second on 10 second off x 12 round program design which in turn will require each side to perform 6 rounds

Take a 1 minute rest and repeat the same sequence performing the single arm pulling rountine.

Than if you really want to blast your punching finish with my favorite reciprocal punch – pull workout using once again the same sequence.

Make sure you start slow with these band power and speed training exercises. It will require a few sessions to start feeling the timing and integration improving.

Punching – Pulling

Reciprocal Punch and pull

Getting Better with BANDS

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