Band Flexibility Training To Improve Your Punching and Kicking Power

resistance-band-manI have been consulting with Resistance Band  Training expert Dave Schmitz … aka The Band Man ®, over the past few weeks to get an idea of the best ways to use Band Training for Combat Fighters.

Flexibility was one aspect that we saw an immediate use for the Bands to help improve overall performance for athletes.

In the video below Dave takes you through why band stretching is a perfect way to mobilize your hips for improved punching and kicking power.

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Stretching Instructions

  • When learning usually go with 50 seconds on -10 seconds off .. takes longer but you will need that additional stretching 
  • After you mastered these Hold each stretch for  30 sec on 15 off
  • Also post workout modify by holding stretch a little longer with good breathing which can function as a cool down.


Band Stretching for Kicking and Punching Power

Improving Flexibility Starts at the HIPS

michaelhead160211Most athletes do not provide nearly enough time to improving their hip mobility and flexibility. Yet when you watch the movements used in MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and other Combat Sports, they are all driven from the hips and core unless you are on your back which is typically not the place to be.

So flexibility must attack the hips and that is where Band Flexibility Training does it best work.

In case you were wondering, hips that are inflexible will cause you to:

– Spend excess energy on having to fight through the body’s internal restrictions which in turn will cause early fatigue and a drop in performance

– Compromise your punching and kicking efficiency which will take away from power production

– Be slow in your foot work by not providing the necessary hip rotation needed to make those quick explosive movements

– Limit your abs or core activity, which will decrease dynamic stabilization, which is a must if you want any upper or lower body rotational power.

– Lose your margin of error that is needed to keep you injury free

john-franchi-mma-wecBand Flexibility Training attacks the hips reciprocally when done using a wall to stabilize the opposite side. This stabilization mimics the ground reaction response that occurs when you are upright getting ready to deliver a punch or a kick.

Also because band flexibility training is active and somewhat ballistic, it provides the same neuromuscular response seen with punching and kicking only at a slightly slower speed. However consider it is a warm-up it fits very well with getting the body ready to perform those types of movements.

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