[ARTICLE] 3 Principles To Improving Overall Strength and Explosiveness

Make no mistake, as a fighter YOU work hard.

To have a ripped physique, pound for pound strength, endless cardio and the sheer power & athleticism to be able to throw an opponent to the mat requires you to put your time in and pay your dues.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, it can take years to fine tune your training, and to make sure your nutrition and lifestyle is on point.

BUT, that’s not to say that you can’t put your time in and end up ripped and shredded like a fighter.

You just need to train like one.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you think guys like GSP, Jon Jones or Uriah Faber train to look like that?

Do you think those guys are still using outdated methods like jogging while wearing a garbage back to drop water weight?

No way.

Truth be told, these guys train like athletes and the way they look is a by-product of their training NOT the goal.

So if you want to look like a fighter…

If you want to look like an athlete…

You have to use the secrets that they use to train.

What I’m talking about are 3 tried and true principles that the best combat athletes use today to be the most successful athletes at their chosen art…

1. You MUST Train Explosively.

Fighters look like athletes because they train like athletes.

To be successful in the octagon you must have the ability to display power, quickness and agility from the first round to the last.

In order to accomplish this, you need to be doing explosive, full-body exercises that challenge your body as a system, NOT as individual muscles.

So if you’re still using isolation exercises like biceps curls or leg extensions then you need to STOP. NOW.

These exercises don’t work because there is no systemic, full body demand.

You must train your body explosively as a unit. When you isolate muscle groups, you mess up the kinetic chain and your movement patterns become dysfunctional.

Think about a punch… Believe it or not, it isn’t just a strike of the fist.

A punch is rooted from the ground, power is generated through the hips & legs, transferred through the core and finished through the arm.

A punch requires a full body effort systemic effort.

So to train to strike hard, you must train the body as a system and you must train it explosively.

2. You MUST Train for “Pound For Pound” Absolute Strength.

The big myth with strength training is that it will force you to gain weight in the form of big bulky muscles. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact if you’re not training for absolute strength, you’re not going to be successful as a fighter. Period.

Much to what the mainstream leads you to believe, strength training with resistance won’t make you look like a puffy bodybuilder.

In fact, true strength training, where you are lifting anywhere from 1-5 repetitions per set, will lean you out and have you performing like an athlete.

Don’t believe me? I have a friend who practices BJJ. He’s 5’3”, 133lbs and can bent press a 108lb kettlebell with 1 arm.

That’s over 2/3 of his bodyweight.

He’s so strong that he can rip a phone book in half with his bare hands.

And he’s ripped to shreds sporting an 8-pack year round.

3. You must focus on form and technique – both when you’re practicing your art AND when you’re training in the gym.

The problem with MMA-style classes is that all the emphasis is placed on pushing you to your limit regardless of what your technique looks like.

The truth is that this approach will engrain bad movement patterns into your body and then will eventually cause you to get injured.

This is why high-rep, met-con style workouts have such a high injury rate.

Because most of the effort made is about bravado and pushing yourself to the limit on highly technical exercises that have a high-skill demand.

As a martial artist you MUST focus on technique and building your cardio, endurance and ability to burn fat using demanding exercises WITHOUT sacrificing the integrity of your practice.

In other words, focus mastery of your skill – both in the dojo and the weight room – and build your endurance through perfect practice of the skill.

So let’s recap…

If you want to be successful as a fighter you must make sure that…

1. You are training explosively using your body as a complete unit. Fighting is not based on the performance of individual muscles. It’s about using your entire body explosively to take people out.

2. You must train for STRENGTH. Because strength will make you more explosive, it will make your cardio better AND it will allow you to better control your opponent.

3. You must focus on technique both in the ring and in the gym. Throwing technique and form out the window will cause overuse injuries and will make you less efficient when you’re competing.

If you’re not incorporating ALL of these elements into your training then you’re risking a HUGE disadvantage to your next opponent.

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