The Back is a body part that most people miss and ignore. Why you ask? Because you cannot see the pump like you can your arms or chest. People also have a tough time feeling the pump.
Well Funk has the answer to that.

This back routine will definitely give your lats the pump they have been crying for and will also help to strengthen and sculpt the back for both men and women.

This Giant set contains 4 exercises that are conducted one after the other with no rest in between. For this routine you will do 3 sets with 60 seconds rest in between.

Use poundage you can handle, as you want to feel your lats on every rep and concentrate on the back muscle you are working.

Funk’s Back Blast
1. Pull Ups 7 reps or to failure
2. Bent Over Barbell Row – 7 Reps
3. Wide Grip Front Pull-down – 7 reps
4. Seated Cable Row – 7 Reps

If you are not pumped by the end of this workout, you are probably using too much weight, which leads to bad form and lack of intensity. Do this routine once per week for the next 4 weeks and switch it up.

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