4 Minute Push Up Challenge

How many push ups can you do in 4 minutes.

Great challenge originally created my strength and conditioning coach Martin Rooney of Training For Warriors

The Rules

Begin the test in the up position.

Start the timer before the first descent.

For a rep to count, you must go all the way down until the elbow is at least at a 90-degree angle (chest 2 inches off the floor) and lock out the elbows at the top. The core must stay locked and move up and down with every rep using the toes as the fulcrum of the movement.

You can rest/stop whenever you want, but the clock must keep running.

Poor reps in terms of body position or putting down a knee before a rep is completed don’t count toward the total score.

Stop counting when 4 minutes have elapsed and record your score.

Rooney’s Rating Scale
Below Average: Under 49
Average: 50-84
Good: 85-109
Excellent: 110-139
Extraordinary: 140+

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5 Responses to 4 Minute Push Up Challenge

  1. tomg9006 says:

    Funk, you are a stud and my hero. That said your pushups were weak. Don’t think you were going down deep enough to break 90. Lock out on top was good. Sorry dude but easy to critique from behind a keyboard.

  2. casualk says:

    Thank you Funk for all your routine, exercices and advices, you inspire my physical preparation here in Paris, France! It’as a great challenge I’ve done 122 push-ups, but i want to be extraordinary! Keep trainning hard , Fight easy!

  3. Thebaldbloke says:

    Master funk
    You have helped me train hard and lose 7 stone
    Would like to thank you and say I hope you keep posting videos as they inspire me
    Just have one question
    What was that dude with the perm doing on the trx? That was some lame ass shit lol
    Your disciple michael “thebaldbloke” ivers

  4. odeal7 says:

    That was great as usual, keep up the great videos, they are inspirational. Please send me the link to your 5×5 strenght training circuit you started last year, thanks

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