Sprint Training for Fighters

Interval training involves short periods of high intensity followed by a low intensity period or rest. The focus is to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Sprint interval workouts are a type of high intensity interval training protocol that will help build endurance, lower body strength and power, speed, increase your anaerobic threshold, improve cardio and burn fat while you maintain muscle.

Unlike long duration training, sprint intervals require you to use maximum effort in a short period of time.

The other benefit to using sprint intervals is that it can build both the anaerobic and aerobic systems.
The aerobic systems means with oxygen and is generally slower-moderate paced exercises like jogging where oxygen is the main energy source.

Funk SprintingAnaerobic systems means without oxygen and is often higher intensity training where the energy is derived from other sources called phosphates, which are stored in the skeletal muscles.

For a combat athlete depending on the sport both the aerobic and anaerobic systems are both important. Building your aerobic system will allow you to perform for longer and can sustain heightened energy outputs for hours on end.

The better your anaerobic system is the longer you will be able to fight at a higher intensity without getting tired.

Interval sprints are the best way to train the important components of your anaerobic power, capacity and the overall system. Interval sprints can improve the body’s ability to buffer and tolerate lactate.

Integrating sprint interval training into your overall strength and conditioning program is important for any MMA, martial arts or combat athlete that have to perform under fatiguing conditionings. You can implement different type of sprint training, using a running track, soccer/football field, hills, the beach or even the street in front of where you live.

Time to take your cardio up a level so you can learn and improve and be the best combat fighter you can!

Sprint Workout Videos
NOTE: Make sure you warm up completely before sprinting and stretch after you are done. You can find sprint warm ups on YouTube.

Progression Sprints
Set 3-4 markers 10-15 yards apart using yard lines on a field, setting up cones on a track, street poles on the road or anything else you can find.

Start a slow jog form the start to the first marker, the increase your speed to the second marker and full on sprint to the third marker

Walk back to the start and immediately repeat 10 times
(NOTE: Make sure you use the time you walk back to recover)

Sprint Interval with 10 Sprawls Sprint (30-50 yards) and perform 10 sprawls. Walk back to the start and immediately repeat for 5-10 times (NOTE: Make sure you use the time you walk back to recover)

Train Hard, Fight Eazy!

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