3 Kettlebell Exercises To Help Improve Your Punching Power feat. KB Expert Ryan Shanahan (Video)

Ryan Shanahan

If you listened to my interviews or heard me on podcasts then you know the Kettlebell is my ultimate piece of exercise equipment. And if you are an MMA, Combat or Marital Artists then you NEED to be using the kettlebells in your conditioning training.


If you are not using KB’s, then today is your day to start!


Kettlebell training has variety of benefits that go beyond simple muscle development and fat loss (even though kettlebell training is good for that too). Because of the dynamic, ballistic exercises involved in kettlebell training, users can gain power, strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance more quickly and efficiently than ever before.


Better yet, the strength and power gained through kettlebell training is functional strength; in other words, strength gained through kettlebell training is applicable to your MMA fights in a way that traditional weight lifting could never be.


Develop Punching Power With These 3 Kettlebell Exercises featuring Kettlebell Expert and Former MMA Fighter Ryan Shanahan

Kettlebell Exercises in Video – Workout’s below!
Bottoms Up Kettlebell Swing and Hold
Kettlebell Rotational Upper Cuts
Kettlebell Swing and Elbow – Joey Alvarado

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Kettlebell Workout for Punching Power
As a Finisher perform 5 rounds of each exercise for time…Set your Gymboss Timer  Seconds with 15 seconds rest in between.

  1. Bottoms Up Hold
  2. Kettlebell Rotational Upper Cuts
  3. Kettlebell Rotational Elbows

Kettlebell Power Punch Workout
Perform each exercise for the prescribed reps using challenging weight.

  1. Bottoms Up swing and Hold – 15 reps each arm X 4 sets
  2. Kettlebell Rotational Upper Cuts – 25 reps x 4 sets
  3. Kettlebell Swing and Elbow – 15 reps each arm x 4 sets

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