MMA Burpee Finisher


Finishers are short body weight or single piece of equipment only, 3–10 minute routines at the end of each workout.

This MMA Burpee circuit will definitely put the finishing touches of any training session.

Each variation in this circuit is inspired by combat sports in mixed martial arts. It combines, speed, agility, explosiveness, power, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardio.

I mixed up the movements as much as possible including lateral movements.

Implement this twice a week after your training session and I guarantee your conditioning will be through the roof in no time.

If you are using our Funk-Flex Elite Strength and Conditioning Program then add this Finisher at the end of any of the workouts to improve your cardio/conditioning much faster.

MMA Burpee Workout Finisher

10 Exercise Finisher Circuit – 10 Minutes

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest and repeat for 10 full intervals.

Exercise List

1. Side-to-Side Step Over one Legged Burpees – MMA Burpees
2. Med Ball Explosive Push Up Burpees – Thai Burpees
3. Wrestler Plyo Lunge Burpees – Wrestler Burpees
4. Terminators – BJJ Burpees
5. Bunny Hop Sprawls – Grapplers Burpees

The burpee is the Ultimate Metabolic Bodyweight Exercise. This compound exercise works almost every muscle in your body in one short sequence of movements. Your heart and lungs are tested to the max as well.

A set of burpees will force your body to work far above your capacity to take in, transport and utilize oxygen and, subsequently, your anaerobic conditioning will improve.

I put this Burpee Variation circuit together in an effort to try and create and workout that can put the final blow to anyone training session, traditional strength workout, run or long boring cardio session at the gym. The different burpee variations make this workout challenging and effective.

Use Finishers no more than twice a week after your combat sport training session, workout or cardio.


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