20/20/20 Heavy Bag Drill and Workout ( Guest Post by Sean Fagen)

I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet, but using the heavy bag is one of the most important parts of your training.

Whether you’re training it to improve your cardio, sharpen your technique, develop explosive power or take your fight game to the next level, the heavy bag is going to play a HUGE role in getting you closer to your goals.

My buddy Sean Fagan from Muay Thai Guy is a professional Muay Thai fighter and a 2x Amateur Champion. He swears by the heavy bag and attributes a lot of his success in the ring to his heavy bag training.

Today Sean is going to show you a heavy bag drill that is a great way to finish your training session with an intense workout. It’s called 20/20/20 and can be done a couple of ways.

Sean shows you one variation of this classic Muay Thai burnout workout on the heavy bag

Sean released a complete video course on how to maximize your heavy bag training. It includes over 30+ combo/technique tutorials, 10 heavy bag workouts, drills, tips and some sweet bonus material as well.

He really put a lot of time into creating this course to help you take your training to the next level by maximizing your efforts on the heavy bag. If you’re serious about your training and really want to make 2015 count, you gotta check out this epic course => CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE HEAVY BAG BLUEPRINT PROGRAM

Heavy Bag Blueprint Total Package

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