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How To Improve Your Cardio Quickly With Drop Set Treadmill Finishers (VIDEO)

Check out the best Treadmill Workout to help you burn fat and improve your cardio fast Continue reading

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Plyometric Workout for MMA (Video)

If you want to take your MMA performance up a notch, plyometric should be something that you are seriously considering. Few types of workouts are going to give you the benefits that a good plyometric circuit does, which is why I’ve put together this routine for you. Continue reading

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Perfecting Your Foundation: Leg Training For Fighters

As any good fighter knows, you are only as strong as your base. If your lower body does not possess strength, power, and agility, you’re going to be an easy target for any opponent you meet. Add leg training to your weekly training regime if you want to improve performance and be a success in martial arts Continue reading

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