2 Olympic level takedowns for BJJ (Guest Post Matt D’Aquino)

This week 2008 Olympian and Coach Matt D’Aquino just released a Judo takedowns for Brazilian Jiujitsu DVD download.

This video series is great if you want to learn some quick and easy takedowns you can instantly applying BJJ. The best thing about this package is Matt doesn’t just teach you how to take people down, but he teaches you how to take people down and END up in a dominant position each and every time!

Matt’s DVD downloads series comes with over 2 hours of video instruction as well as a ton of free bonuses.

Check out these 2 takedown technique videos with Matt D that you can start using today

Running Leg Grab Takedown

Judo for BJJ – Sumi Geashi

This week Matt released a new DVD download series that is great for all Judoka entering BJJ or Freestyle Judo tournaments.

To make things even better he is releasing it for the first 3 days for $30 off the regular price.

Learn more about the program HERE <= CLICK NOW

Judo for BJJ Program












Inside Matts DVD series you will learn:

• Simple and easy grip breaks that can break even the strongest of grips
• Throws and takedowns that almost guarantee a dominate position afterwards
• Easy to implement leg grab takedowns that finish in knee ride
• How to prevent and stop your opponent attacking you with a double leg
• How to sprawl and easy ways to take your opponents back after a failed shot
• Simple techniques to use when you are fighting right vs right, left vs left OR left vs right stances.
• How to dominate an opponent that fights in a bent over position
• And loads more!

Download your copy of Judo for BJJ here ⇐ $30 off

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