The #1 Cardio Workout on The Planet!

Metabolic Burpee Finisher – “Burpee Bloodbath”

Try this awesome metabolic burpee finisher and add it to your workout plans

Perform each exercise for 45 sec followed by 15 sec for two rounds with no rest. Set your GymBoss Timer for 45 Seconds-15 Second intervals
Workout Time: 10 Minutes

Burpee Bloodbath Finisher
1. Push Up and Leg Split Burpees
2. Side-to-Side Jump Burpees
3. Grasshopper Burpees
4. Double Knee Tap Tuck Jump Burpees
5. Divebomber Burpees

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2 Responses to The #1 Cardio Workout on The Planet!

  1. Cacbaseball91 says:

    Explosive leg and shoulder workout exactly what I needed to finish my workouts withr

  2. jvance_9 says:

    Definitely want to try this as a finisher to my more traditional bodybuilding sessions. Good stuff once again!

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