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Usually I am not a big fan of taking lots of different supplements. Aside from protein shakes and multi-vitamins, you should be able to get everything you need in your clean diet and nutrition plan.

But when it comes to the intense training schedules that MMA Fighters and Martial Artists engage in, it is important that the fighter gets all the nutrients they need to help build their strength, assist in body recuperation and detoxify the body, so they can continue to train at the high level needed to compete in the ring.

I personally know from experience, while currently training for a my fight in Thailand, the body gets run down a lot faster than anyone else that is generally working out or exercising. The last thing I want is not to be in top shape and condition when it is time for me to step into the Muay Thai ring. It can be extremely dangerous.

With that said I have partnered with Supplement Source ( ), who is my official supplement supplier, to put together an MMA Fighter Supplement Stack to help all Martial Arts Fighters with their training.

If you are training for a fight, then this is the stack for you. I use the exact stack in my training camp and it is working wonders.

Support your workout; build Strength, Recuperate and Detoxify!


Tiger Nutraceuticals Tiger Pak, 30 packs
Sportlab Milky Whey (5lbs) – 5 Delicious Flavours
Sportlab BCAA (240 Caps)
Sportlab Glutamine (750 grams)
Silver Bullet 1500 Kre-Alkalyn, 750mg (120 Caps)
Synergy RX Glucosamine and Chondroitin, 240 caps
Acai 1000 Acai Berry, 500mg (120 Caps)

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Tiger Nutraceuticals Tiger Pak, 30 packs

Tiger Nutraceuticals Tiger Pak is a complete source of essential vitamins and minerals designed to enhance both your performance and your overall daily health.

Sportlab Milky Whey
INTAKE TIME: AM, Post Workout, Bed

Remember—no protein—no growth. Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair. In the morning it immediately feeds your muscles. After your workout, your body needs whey’s fast absorbing proteins to feed your muscle’s increased and immediate protein requirements. Protein at bedtime is essential as that is when your body grows and repairs.

Sportlab BCAA
INTAKE TIME: Post Workout

MUSCLE REGENRATION – After every workout BCAAs help rebuild muscles – Amino acids, their most easily assimilated form, are essential for maximum muscle regeneration. they also play a key role in normalizing moods, concentration, aggression, attention, sleep, and sex drive.

Sportlab Glutamine
INTAKE TIME: AM, Post Workout

L-Glutamine, the purest pharmaceutical grade to help boost recovery and stamina.

Silver Bullet 1500, 750mg
INTAKE TIME: AM, Post Workout

This is by far the best supplement I have ever used in my life. Use this for increased strength and muscularity throughout the 4 week challenge. No side effects whatsoever.

Synergy RX Glucosamine and Chondroitin, 240 caps
INTAKE TIME: Take two capsules twice daily.

Reducing joint pain
Increasing lubrication of the joint
Stimulating cartilage matrix repair
Inhibiting enzymes that breakdown cartilage
Preserving joint space
Anti-inflammatory actions

Acai 1000 Acai Berry, 500mg
INTAKE TIME: AM, Post Workout, PM

You’ve taken care of the outside of your body Acai 1000 takes care of the inside to Detoxify and Cleanse.

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