RUSSIAN SAMBO with Igor Yakimov – Armbars, Armbars and More Armbars!

RUSSIAN SAMBO with Igor Yakimov

Igor is a graduate of the prestigious Choboskary Military school where he was trained in the art of combat and sport fighting. He was twice Russian National Sambo Champion and once International Sambo Champion. He currently holds the rank of Master Class Instructor, is the North American representative for F.I.A.S., the largest Sambo sanctioning body In the world, is the head trainer of Sambo Canada and the United Federation of Russian Sambo (UFRS) Canada President. He presently operates Innisfil Combat Club in Canada.

Russian Sambo – Ultimate Armbars from Cross Body

This Clip is from Igor Yakimov’s Ultimate Armbars on Russian Sambo Instructional DVD. This DVD Video will teach you how to totally attack the arms from the crossbody and scarf hold position. Igor starts off with teaching how to prepare yourself in the crossbody position and then go on the offensive. Learn every way possible to submit the arms including wrist locks, shoulder locks and elbow locks.

Russian Sambo – Armbar Counter Attacks

In this video Igor Yakimov covers this problem in unbelievable depth, teaching every little trick and tactic known to finish the armbar. Igor teaches how to use combination after combinations to break the opponents grip and finish the job.

Russian Sambo – Armbars from the Guard

Learn shoulder locks, elbow locks and sweeps into armbars that will amaze even the most advanced students. Igor also covers how to obtain armbars if you get caught in the turtle position yourself!

Russian Sambo – Armbars from Turtle & Back

Russian Sambo – Armbars from Mount

Igor Yakimov reveals on this DVD Video the most devastating arm submissions that can be obtained when you are mounted on your opponent. Igor covers the basics as well as the most advanced strategies possible


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