Pete Transforms His Body from 264lbs to 185lbs and is Ready for Battle

Fighter Pete Mongeau Loses 80lbs and Prepares for Battle with help of FunkMMA and Spartacus Workouts



When Pete from Atlanta, Georgia first sent me a message on Facebook, telling me that my workouts had helped him to get to a lean 185lbs, I didn’t realize there was a fantastic transformation story behind it. His success story really inspires me.

First because he is 39 years old and is heading into his second MMA Fight  (Make sure to watch his fight below) and second because he lost over 80lbs and is preparing for his Muay Thai fight, Feb 12, 2012.

His path to his amazing transformation has spanned over a year and the dedication, discipline and perseverance to overcome barriers is incredibly inspiring and motivating. 

It shows that if you have a goal, keep it in your sights and stay focused on achieving success anything is possible.   

Pete used Spartacus and FunkMMA workouts to reach his now 185lbs of lean muscle (check out his brief training video) and cutting to 175lbs for his fight.

Pete is also a Strength and Conditioning Coach and HIIT Specialist, so incorporating Muay Thai Training, FunkMMA Workouts, Pete’s own training principles and clean nutrition has brought him great success. 

Congratulations Pete, Great Work!



I wanted to share with you my experience with your program as a 39 year old Muay Thai fighter I needed an edge to keep up with the younger fighters.

Two years ago I began my journey at Sept 10 2010 264 lbs. heavy and not competitive at all. As an ECAC All-American ice hockey career in my past I was well aware of what it took to be competitive once again. I have enclosed a series of photo’s to mark my progress.

 By Sept 10 2011 I had cut my weight down to 215 lbs. and cutting to 190 at fight time. I needed to shock the body. That’s when I found you and your program on the web!!! Today I am walking around at 188 and am cutting to 175 for my next fight Feb 17th Bangkok Fight Night 12.

My most recent pictures outside are last weekend taken for the promotional poster for the fight. Your combination of workouts and the amount of level changes that each workout provides is the key to my recent success. If any fighters have any doubt I would be happy to share more about my success!

Pete Mongeau

Strength and Conditioning Coach

H.I.I.T Specialist

Muay Thai Instructor

Just Fitness 4 U Certified Personal Trainer


 Pete’s MMA Fight
Part 1

Part 2


Pete Mongeau Muay Thai Pad Work


Pete is Fighting in Bangkok Fight Night 12



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5 Responses to Pete Transforms His Body from 264lbs to 185lbs and is Ready for Battle

  1. cattle123 says:

    Nice job bro. 80lb. cut is really great. Im about the same age and I’m having pure hell trying to go from 211 lbs. to 195. I’ve cut back on sparring and moving more towards Spartacus training and rumning. Im going to follow this and adjusts a few eating habits over the next 3-6 months.

    • FunkRoberts says:

      Hey JM, Hope all is well and Pete did and is doing a great job. My advice to you is really concentrate on eating clean – 6 meals/snacks per day with your Simple carbs in the AM and after your training sessions (2-1 Carb to Protein after you train to increase the metabolism) – Eat lots of veggies (each Meal) Fruit and of couse Protein with all 6 meals of your day. I would not cut down on the Sparring, as this is one of the most important elements of Combat fight Training – Sparring for MMA – adding Spartacus Workouts instead of cutting down on sparring is what I would suggest. check the video and good luck with your eating (oh and Liberte Greek Yogurt) makes for a perfect Snack as it has 18% protein – Funk

  2. cattle123 says:

    Thanks Funk, I thought it might be a bad idea to cut out sparring. I’ve been looking at the food tips you post as well. They have help the energy level with the first small changes I made. I going to start charting my progress and changes today.

    P.S. This is a damn good site bro, much thanks to YOU and others involved.

  3. anslem says:

    That is quite a story with Pete. I wish him all the best in his fights and training. But as an athlete myself, I’m hoping to put in a good diet as well. I hope that his story and results will inspire me for the year. One request though, can he place a video of what his schedule what like as well as what he ate. Thanks.

  4. hicks155 says:

    Starting the plan today thanks funk this may be
    The help I needed

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