2 Olympic level takedowns for BJJ (Guest Post Matt D’Aquino)

This week 2008 Olympian and Coach Matt D’Aquino just released a Judo takedowns for Brazilian Jiujitsu DVD download.

This video series is great if you want to learn some quick and easy takedowns you can instantly applying BJJ. The best thing about this package is Matt doesn’t just teach you how to take people down, but he teaches you how to take people down and END up in a dominant position each and every time!

Matt’s DVD downloads series comes with over 2 hours of video instruction as well as a ton of free bonuses.

Check out these 2 takedown technique videos with Matt D that you can start using today

Running Leg Grab Takedown

Judo for BJJ – Sumi Geashi

This week Matt released a new DVD download series that is great for all Judoka entering BJJ or Freestyle Judo tournaments.

To make things even better he is releasing it for the first 3 days for $30 off the regular price.

Learn more about the program HERE <= CLICK NOW

Judo for BJJ Program












Inside Matts DVD series you will learn:

• Simple and easy grip breaks that can break even the strongest of grips
• Throws and takedowns that almost guarantee a dominate position afterwards
• Easy to implement leg grab takedowns that finish in knee ride
• How to prevent and stop your opponent attacking you with a double leg
• How to sprawl and easy ways to take your opponents back after a failed shot
• Simple techniques to use when you are fighting right vs right, left vs left OR left vs right stances.
• How to dominate an opponent that fights in a bent over position
• And loads more!

Download your copy of Judo for BJJ here ⇐ $30 off

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How to Develop A Stronger Grip (Guest Videos)

Whether you’re fighting for underhooks against the
cage, scrambling for wrist control on the ground, or
hunting for the submission finish…grip control is

And no one understands how to train the grip like
my friend Corey Beasley.

Corey has trained over a hundred pro fighters,
including as well as combat sports Olympians,
and countless combat sports amateurs.

And he knows more about grip training than anyone
around. Not a coach on this planet even comes
close in IMO.

After spending thousands of hours and over a decade
of his professional life researching, developing and
perfecting and then putting his athletes through
countless programs—using pro fighters as his
human guinea pigs—Corey has developed what I
believe to be the ultimate grip training program.

Check out these two cool grip exercises from his new ‘Get a Grip – The Definitive Guide to Grip Strength for Fighters and Grapplers’ and you can
see it here.

Wrench Exercises

Rope Pull

get a grip landscape banner

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Takedown Tuesday: MMA Circuit Training (Video)

Strength & Conditioning Circuit – Key Elements Workout

This workout is developed to help you build the key physical attributes needed for an MMA , Martial Arts and Combat Fighters. You must constantly work on improving your mobility, strength, endurance, cardio, explosive power, core strength, agility and flexibility.

Today’s circuit will help you improve all these attributes, efficiently and effectively in a short 40 minute workout.

You can use a kettlebell or dumbbell or both. Make sure to choose a challenging weight and use round one to gauge if you can increase or decrease the weight that you use.

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds rest one after the other with no rest in between. After you complete all 10 exercises, rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 full rounds.

1. Kettlebell Swings (Explosive power, endurance and lower body)
2. Everest Climbers (Agility Mobility, Endurance)
3. Single Arm High Pulls L (Explosive Power, Pulls)
4. Single Arm High Pulls R (Lower Body, Endurance)
5. Burpees (Agility, Cardio, Explosiveness)
6. Clean, Squat and Press L (Full Body, Strength Endurance, Core)
7. Clean, Squat and Press R (Full Body, Strength Endurance, Core)
8. Plyo Push Ups/Push ups (Upper Body Explosive Endirance)
9. One Arm Alternate Swings ((Explosive power, endurance and lower body)
10. Rotational Mountain Climbers (Core strength, Rotational Hip Power, Endurance)

MMA Training

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Brutal Beatdown MMA “300” Workout” (Video)

21825384_m (1)It’s not a secret that I’m a huge fan of my 300 Workouts.

Meaning the circuits that have you complete 300 reps of specific exercises in the fastest time.

These workouts are super effective and challenge you both physically and mentally.

Sometimes I find it essential to add 300 workouts to your overall training regimen or even as a finisher.

The cool thing about these workouts is that they are metabolic so it helps you to burn fat, improve cardio and improve your muscle. With the right mix of exercises, they can maker you more athletic as well

Finally many 300 workouts were created to take you to the limit of you mental ability. You can do these circuits every once in a while to not only test yourself, but to raise the bar of your own expectations and what you think you are capable of.

It’s usually our minds that hinder our lack of physical ability, strength and conditioning. My “300 Workouts” are designed to shatter those limitations.

Like today’s “300 Workout” I have for you looks simple on paper, but when you start it and get going, you will find that this will take you to a whole other level!

Brutal Beatdown MMA 300
Complete each exercise one at a time for the prescribed reps. Rest when need and ensure that you keep your time

Sprawls – 100 reps (Full body explosive movement, cardio and functional)
Rotational Mountain Climbers 300 Reps (Core Strength, Rotational Power, Shoulder Stability)
Jumping Lunges – 100 Reps (Lower Body Plyometric movement, Explosiveness, Lactate Threshold)

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Takedown Tuesday’s – New HITT Bodyweight Workout for Fighters

Condit-punches-Diaz-UFC-143-photoAs an MMA or martial artist you have to develop so many physical attributes simultaneously.

Like so many other fighters you may have trouble putting together workout programs that can effectively accomplish this. Especially when you have to focus on improving strength, explosive power, endurance, core stability, cardio, mobility, flexibility, speed, agility and more.

You can accomplish this a couple of ways. You can focus on improving a specific physical attribute at a time.

27268508_sFor example, if you feel that you are physically weak but your cardio is awesome, then you can focus on developing strength for a few months using things like 5×5 routines. Then when you feel strong enough you can maintain strength, cardio and work on another aspect that you are weak at.

The other way is to incorporate workouts and training regimen that hits multiple physical attributes at the same time. I like to use these types of workouts during fight preparation or thrown into a training session once a week for maintenance and overall improvement in strength and conditioning

In today’s workout I will be using 10-bodyweight exercises high intensity circuit that focus on different physical attributes you will need to help improve your overall training and performance.
600x476xUFC-123-Phil-Davis-vs.-Tim-Boetsch-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wUMt96v2LOI always include bodyweight training in my fighters program and use body weight exercises in my workouts too.

Your body is truly your greatest “piece of equipment,” and there is no membership fee required to use it.

The best way to use this style of workout if you are not in competition mode is to implement this once a week, probably mid week as a circuit that will help build killer, competition ready cardio while helping you strengthen the other physical attributes needed to perform at your greatest potential.

HIIT Bodyweight Blast Conditioning Workout

YOU need to train multiple physical attributes when designing mid week conditioning workouts

Todays workout will help your develop those attributes using absolutely no equipment

“Bodyweight Blast Off Workout”

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest.
Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds.

1. Side-to-Side Jumping Burpees
2. Foot Grabs
3. Stationary Jumping Lunges (30 sec per leg)
4. Close Grip Push Ups
5. Ninja Hops Tuck Jumps
6. High Plank Sit Outs (Knee Touch – Toe Touch)
7. Bear Crawls Forward and Back
8. Explosive Squat Jumps
9. High Side Plank Hip Thrusts
10. 1-2 Sprawls


beastmode bodyweight package

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5X5 Station Circuit #5 – Full Throttle


I am back with another 5 Station “Refuse to Lose” workout and this time it’s a Bodyweight Only circuit.

I tool my fighters through this BEAST of a circuit and they refused to lose and finished it, even after their BJJ class.

This workout was inspired by a Jens Pulver workout I read about over 6 years ago and I know many trainers have used this training set up to train their UFC and pro fighter.

I created it more for my combat athletes but quickly realized that anyone can do these workouts and get AWESOME results.

This workout has 5 stations all focusing on different aspects and the exercises at each station are performed for 5 minutes straight. Some stations are rep based and others are timed based.

So you will need a GymBoss Timer or something similar



Complete all 5 stations one after the other with 2-minute break in between. Go though each station only once. The workout should take no longer than 35 minutes with 25 min work time.

Make sure you warm up prior and stretch after this session.


This 5×5 Station workout focuses on 5 aspects:
• MMA Station
• Upper Body
• Lower Body
• Core Strength
• Cardio – Burpees

Round 1 – MMA (5 Minutes)
Perform each exercise for 60 seconds with no rest in between
1. Shadow Boxing
2. Speed Push Ups
3. Wrestlers Lunge
4. Sit Thrus (Kickouts)
5. Sprawls

Round 2 – Upper Body (5 Minutes)
Perform 10 reps total (5 per side) of the following exercises one after the other for 5 minutes
1. Pike Push Ups
2. T-Raise Push Ups
3. Plank Builds
4. Side to Side Push Ups
5. Close Grip Push Ups

Round 3 – Lower Body (5 Minutes)
Perform each exercise for
10 reps each for 5 minute straight
1. Jump Squats
2. Reverse Lunges
3. Prisoner Squats
4. Jumping Lunges
5. Side Step Squats
6. Meet the Queens

Round 4 – Abs (5 Minutes)
Perform each exercise for 45 sec followed by 15 sec rest
1. Spring Ups
2. Russian Twists
3. V-Ups
4. Flutter Kicks
5. Abs In and Outs

Round 5 – Cardio (5 Minutes)
Perform each exercise for 45 sec followed by 15 sec rest
1. One Arm Burpees
2. Wide Leg Burpees
3. Side Burpees
4. Mountain Climber Burpees


beastmode bodyweight package use this

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How to Improve Your Cardio: Bodyweight Workout Series

In this video you will see Bodyweight workout to help improve your cardio fast while increasing endurance, and burning fat using bodyweight only exercises.

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds.

Exercise List
One Legged Burpees (5 per side)
Push Up Leg Splits
Side to Side Jumping Lunges
Walkout Divebombers
Football Up-Downs
Alternate Table Top Toe Touches
Pike Push Ups
Hip Thrusts to Hip Bridge
Broad Jumps to Reverse Lunge

Beginner Edition
Push Ups
Forward Lunges
Football Up-Downs
Alternate Table Top Toe Touches
Jumping Squats
Modiefied Pike Push Ups
Hip Bridge
Forward and Reverse Broad Jumps

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Bodyweight Bundle 2.0 (VIDEO REVIEW)

The New Bodyweight Bundle 2.0


The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently surveyed 1,000 fitness experts about the best type of exercise to get fit and achieve better health in less time.

And you’ll be happy to know that bodyweight exercise stole the show.

Yep. It was more popular and coveted than traditional weights or machines. And more sought after than some of the highly promoted ‘box’ workouts.

It should come as no surprise, really though…

Bodyweight exercise can be done anywhere, anytime. Which means you can chip away at a fabulous body whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go. The sheer convenience of bodyweight exercise makes staying consistent with your training so much easier. And above all else, consistency is the KEY to your success.

Simply put, there’s no better way to rapidly lose body fat, build lean muscle, and get in amazing shape … all while staying as pain free as possible.

This ultimate collection of bodyweight resources from the top fitness and nutrition experts in the world including me, hands you the variety you need to keep your body transformation fun, fresh and balanced enough to ensure you’re workouts never grow stale or uninspired.

And what’s more is with 37 resources you have the freedom to customize your own workouts as YOU see fit.  

Which is why I highly suggest you add these 37 resources to your fitness arsenal today.

  •  8 Bodyweight muscle building resources
  • 6 Bodyweight fatloss programs
  • 6 Bodyweight “trick” manuals
  • 7 Bodyweight video/workout programs
  • 4 Bodyweight flexibility/rehab programs


… fat-burning recipes, meal plans and more.


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Spartan “300 Workout” – Bulletproof (Weighted Vest)

“Bulletproof 300” Workout

Here is another awesome 300 Workout.  Perform each exercise for the prescribed reps one after the other as fast as possible with good form.

Use a weighted Vest is challenging.

Exercise List

1. DB Snatches – 50 reps (25/side)
2. Kick Outs – 40 (20 per side)
3. Medicine Ball Slams 40
4. One arm Kettlebell Swings 50
5. Renegade Row Push Ups 40 – 20 per side
6. DB Thrusters – 40
7. Burpees 40

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Injury Prevention: Mobility Training for Fighters (VIDEO)

Steve Maxwell_Funk RobertsOne of the least trained physical attributes in MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Sports is mobility.

Last year I spent a full day with the great Steve Maxwell working on and learning about the importance mobility drills and bodyweight flow movements for athletes.

Mobility, or joint mobility, is the ability to move a limb through the full range of motion–with control. Different from flexibility, mobility is based on voluntary movement while flexibility involves static hold.

Mobility demands strength to produce full-range movement, whereas flexibility is passive, thus not strength-dependent.

Today I am going to show you a video a couple of two-minute body weight flow routines. These movements are taken from Trainer Tyler Bramlett’s ne program Bodyweight Flow and if used regularly, can help you increase your mobility, decrease chances of injury, improve your strength and even burn more calories.

These movements are taken from Tyler Bramlett’s new program Bodyweight Flow and if used regularly can help you to i

Increase Mobility = Injury Prevention

MMA and Marital Arts In general are arguably come of the most physically demanding sports in the world.

Even the best-conditioned and technical fighters are at constant risk of injury every time they step on the mat to train or compete

diego-sanchez-1To reduce the chance of injury and improve their overall conditioning, all strength & conditioning programs should be built around a solid joint mobility preparation routine.

When your joint is unable to move through its full range, it is what Steve Maxwell dubs as compromised.

When joints are compromised movement is present in a joint, surrounding joints take up the slack, creating extra stress all around.

This will lead constant injuries in the joints and stiffness. If your body is tight and stiff, then you won’t be fluid when fighting on the ground or on your feet.

The solution?

A joint mobility program like Tyler’s Bodyweight Flow.

Joint mobility exercise stimulates and circulates the synovial fluid in the bursa, which ‘washes’ the joint. The joints have no direct blood supply and are nourished by this synovial fluid, which simultaneously removes waste products.

You can use mobility exercises as a warm up, an active recovery during other activities, or as a stand-alone workout. You can rejuvenate yourself and reclaim the movement of a child with a good joint mobility program

Learn 63 bodyweight flow exercises and routines HERE


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