MMA Gauntlet Workout #2

MMA Gauntlet Workout #2

Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds rest for first 2 rounds

Rest 2 minutes in between rounds.

Round 3 complete each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15 sec rest

1. Side-to-Side Kettlebell Swings
2. Alternating Single Leg Burpees
3. Alternating Abs Bicycle Kicks
4. Plyo Push Up Burpees
5. Zercher Forward Lunges
6. Dumbbell Burpees
7. Barbell High Pulls
8. Speed Climber Burpees
9. Dumbbell Punches
10. Burpees

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6 Responses to MMA Gauntlet Workout #2

  1. JPL III says:

    Huge fan here. I love the workout. It might be helpful to tell us the weight you are using. Granted, you are an elite athlete and we all workout at our own weight, but if you told us the weight you are using, it would give us a base-line and something to strive for In our workout. Just a suggestion. Rock on Funk.

  2. Ridgermma says:

    Hey Funk, big fan of your training vids & you, keep up the great work dude.
    I’m 53 and do all your programs they kick my butt and I keep kicking back.
    Thanks Funk

  3. Darren b says:

    Funk this is crazy tough,loads of burpee variants which is great.The first 2 at 40/20 we’re challenging enough but going up to 60/15 for the last one was seriously tough,mentally aswell as physically.Great job from you funk,keep em coming,thanks….

  4. chopshop777 says:

    another brilliant unparalleled workout by the mighty Funk, this one is utter brutality, sure destroyed me. thanks so much Funk man, awesome work as always.

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