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This is a super tough and challenging cardio workout brought to you by my buddy, Certified Fitness and MMA Trainer Jay Marks of Flex Training System (You are going to see more of my friend Jay).

Jay, who is a longtime friend, trainer and business collaboration partner used to train Muay Thai with me over 20 years ago and we are currently working on an MMA project together that you guys are going to LOVE!!!!

His fitness knowledge is incredibly vast, just check out the workouts, exercise and nutrition information – and subscribe to his YOUTUBE page –

I wanted to give you a taste of how evil Jay can be with this cardio workout.

MMA Conditioning Cardio Workout

This is the 24-7 Cardio Resistance Routine…..killer workout if you don’t cheat yourself.

24-7 Cardio Resistance Routine – 12 minutes of cardio – Followed by a 4 Exercise Circuit for 7 sets -End with another 12 minutes of cardio

Flex 24-7 Cardio Resistance Workout – 45 minutes

12 minutes on Treadmill (start with 5mph and aim for 7-8 mph)

Complete each exercise one after the other with no rest in between. Do 7 sets with 30-60 in between sets and then head back to the treadmill for 12 minutes.
Chest – Incline Dumbbell Press – 20 reps
Back Lat-Pulldowns – 20 reps
Leg – Stationary Lunges – 10 reps each leg
Abs – Abs Crunches (Legs Up) – 20 reps
12 minutes on Treadmill (start with 5mph and aim for 7-8 mph)

Follow exactly the outline for this workout 2 x per week for 4 weeks (every week change the exercises). Drop 8-10 lbs in no time….good luck!!!


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4 Responses to MMA Conditioning Cardio Workout – X-Treme Conditioning

  1. rogier1977 says:

    I like you’re master workout videos. Looking forward for some new exercises to increase my strengt and condition.

    Thnx for everything so far, keep up the good job 😉

  2. Darren b says:

    Had a look at this when i got in last night so thought i would give it a go this morning before opening the gym, oh my god, i seriously overestimated the weights so had to reduce them about half way through,really good and effective workout thats a lot harder than it looks, thanks very much.

  3. creative516 says:

    Did the 24/7 workout yesterday loved it.kept me moving and not bored.walked out of there well barely walk out of there lol.

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