Here is an awesome MMA inspired Bodyweight Blaster Workout that will have your begging for mercy.


Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Complete 3 total rounds with 2-minute rest periods in between.

Exercise List

1. Burpee Corkscrews
2. Toe Grabs
3. Stationary Jumping Lunges – 3 per side/switch
4. Sit Outs
5. Hindu Squats
6. Jumping Alternating Side Knee Raises/Blocks
7. Push Up Knee to Opposite Elbow
8. Side to Side Donkey Bucks
9. L-Sit Chin ups
10. Pop Up Sprawls


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  1. Snorrer says:

    Hi Funk, snorrer here from Germany. I’m addicted to your workouts. Do them for round about a year now. As a trainer for selfdefence for police officers i can benefit a lot and many of my colleges like to do your your workouts too. Thanks for your efforts and best wishes from Europe.

  2. khx333 says:

    Epic! Simply, epic. 🙂 Love your workouts!

  3. George123456789 says:

    Hey funk….
    Greetings from the Netherlands …..I have been watching your posts for a few months now…admittedly..I am not able to do all the excersises…but I m working on it!
    I just wanted to say…nice job…your info is much appreciated…keep going

  4. George123456789 says:

    P.s: any chance of trx stretches and core body excersises?

  5. vleydec says:

    Hey Funk!
    This workout is great. My body is responsing great, I feel strong and fit.
    Get it done

  6. sgapt says:

    Would love to see more body weight workouts so there is no need for medicine balls, kettle bells, or dumbells. This one is my favorite by far.

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