Metabolic Medicine Ball MMA Workout

Funk-MMA-strength and conditioning website4Medicine balls are often underused. You will see a few people at the gym using them during abs exercises and that is pretty much it. The Med Ball can be effective in all aspects of your MMA conditioning training.

Medicine Balls have transformed from what you use to see in boxing gyms back in the day. The heavy leather balls you would see trainers use to pound the boxer’s midsection in an attempt to harden them up.

Now they are covered in different materials, a little more bouncy and versatile tool for MMA and Combat Fighters.

The Medicine Ball can be used to develop stabilizer muscles; they can add a load to a compound exercise and can also help you train your rotational movement and twisting motion. Of course it is still highly effective for strengthen your abdominis rectus, obliques and core muscles.

explosive push upsIn this strength and conditioning circuit, I use the medicine ball to help with overall strength and muscular endurance, while training core, rotation, explosiveness, speed and isometric holds.

Grab one or a couple of medicine balls and try this workout to help develop the endurance, conditioning and overall strength needed to improve your performance.

If you have our Elite Strength and Conditioning for MMA and Combat Athletes Program then this workout would fit into the FFSC – Strength and Conditioning category so you can substitute it into your personalized schedule.

Metabolic Medicine Ball MMA Workout






Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other. Complete all 10 exercises and repeat for 3 full rounds. Warm up before and stretch after you are complete.

1. Wall Throws and Sprawl – 25lbs
2. Med Ball Drop and Explosive Push Ups – 10lbs
3. Med Ball Bear Hug Jump Squats – 25lbs
4. Med Russian Slams – 10lbs
5. Speed Skier Press Ups and Push Outs – 10lbs
6. Lying Med Ball Chest Push – 25lbs
7. Med Ball Jump Lunge and Twists – 25lbs
8. Med Ball Hip Raises – 8lbs
9. Med Ball Burpees – 10lbs
10. Med Ball Calf Jump Wall Throws – 10lbs

At the end of the workout 3 sets of med ball pull-ups to failure
11. Pull Ups – 10lbs

Metabolic Medicine Ball MMA Workout – Breakdown of the Exercises

Wall throw and sprawl1. Wall Throws and Sprawl – 25lbs – Love this exercise to help develop speed, quickness, explosiveness and cardio conditioning. The goal is to get in and out of the sprawl so you can throw the ball back against the wall. Move fast and be quick.


2. Med Ball Drop and Explosive Push Ups – 10lbs – Exercise develops strength, balance and upper body explosiveness. Keep the core tight, explode up onto the ball and stabilize your body. Move quick and you will work your upper body muscular endurance.

jump squats3. Med Ball Bear Hug Jump Squats – 25lbs – This is straight up plyometrics exercise with the load of the med ball in front. Use a heavy ball and explode up through the glutes. Make sure to go deep into the squat. Your legs are going to take a lactate beating. These movements will come into play late in the fight when you want to pick up your opponent and slam them to the mat.

russian twist med ball4. Med Russian Slams – 10lbs – The is an awesome exercise I saw the “Polish Experiment” Krzysztof Soszyński struggle through and knew right away I had to include this in my athletes training. This takes the Russian twist to the next level. While still using the rotational movement and obliques you add the explosive ball slam to work the stabilizer, balance and endurance.

speed runs5. Speed Skier Press Ups and Push Outs – 10lbs – This exercise was put in as a straight up cardio/calisthenics movement, but when I added the med ball press up and push up my shoulders and chest were DONE!!! Again move fast through the exercise and keep pressing and pushing through the pain.


lying med ball push6. Lying Med Ball Chest Push – 25lbs – Another seemingly easy looking exercise that ended up being taxing and tough to control. The ability to have control over your muscles and stay focused when fatigued is extremely important and this exercise will help with both. The key is pressing the ball straight up; keep it moving and not fumbling up while your shoulders and chest are screaming. Great exercise to use when fatigued for grapplers, Judo and BJJ players

jump lunge7. Med Ball Jump Lunge and Twists – 25lbs – Another favourite of mine, that I use with my fighters. The lunge on it’s own is tough but this plyo movement with the twist is an overall killer. The explosive movement while training your rotation with a med ball load in front, will help develop the explosive power for punches and kicks using the rotation of the hips.


triangle hip raises8. Med Ball Hip Raises – 8lbs – This is a BJJ special. Using the static hold with the ball between you legs. Look like a submission hold to you? Use the hips and core muscles to raise the body off the ground while the med ball between the legs. The key is keeping the isometric/static hold on the ball.

9. Med Ball Burpees – 10lbs – Need I say more? Burpees Baby! All time favourite conditioning exercise in the entire world. All variations are great and this one is no exception. By this time you should spent. This exercise is added to test your mental toughness. Most fighters quite during this exercise, but you have to push through.

wall ball and calf raises10. Med Ball Calf Jump Wall Throws – 10lbs – Final exercise is an SST Canada-Oakville special. Coach Delroy showed me this as I was developing the workout and when I performed this exercise, I cannot lie. My shoulders were burning along with the calves. The key is not to let go of the ball when hitting the wall and constantly bouncing on your toes to work the calf muscles. WOW!!!!

At the end of the workout 3 sets of med ball pull-ups to failure


Pull Ups – 10lbs – This exercise is to work the back muscles and a great finisher with the ball between the legs. Again we have the isomeric exercise with the pull. Finish off strong and GET IT DONE!!!!!


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