Metabolic Explosion Workout

This is a perfect HIIT workout to help improve your cardio, muscular endurance, add strength and burn fat. Try this End of the World Metabolic Workout. End of the world is coming December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar. I put together a 10 exercise Metabolic Explosion Workout

Metabolic Explosion Workout


Perform each exercise one after the other for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Rest for two minutes then repeat for 3 full rounds.

1. Alternating One Arm Swings — 70lbs
2. Plyo-Push Up Jacks
3. Explosive Squat to Single Leg Hop
4. Renegade Rows — 35lbs
5. Reverse Lunge and DB Curls — 25 lbs
6. Blast Off Pushups
7. DB One Leg V-up to Press — Right — 20 lbs
8. Low Box Up Downs
9. DB One Leg V-up to Press — Left — 20lbs
10. KB Thrust and Jumps 18kg (KB Burpees Variation) — 35lbs

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2 Responses to Metabolic Explosion Workout

  1. SoulRollerFin says:

    Adding this to my kettlebell routine. 3 workouts should be plenty, right?

    So far great results with metabolic massacre and spartacus MMA workouts! Moving faster on the mat and I never get tired. Also gaining some muscle mass, slowly, but steadily. Triceps and biceps are lagging behind a little, but doing the arm blaster workout once a week before practice takes care of that.

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