Kettlebell MMA Workout – “Unbreakable” and Why You NEED To Use Kettlebells in Your Training


Why You Need to Incorporate Kettlebells Into Your Training (Workout Video Below)

With kettlebell workouts you will development dynamic strength
 gains, cardiovascular 
conditioning, joint durability, flexibility and athletic movement. It is extremely important to increase your strength and not gain weight. A fighter needs to be as strong as they possibly without gaining weight in order to fight in their specific weight class.

Fedor_EmelianenkoTraditional strength training programs, strength is gained through muscle hypertrophy. The muscle fibers are broken down (or torn) and then as they heal, they scar as a larger fibre. This enables the body to handle a larger resistive load due to the increased muscle fibre, which leads to a larger stronger muscle.

Kettlebell training has variety of benefits that go beyond simple muscle development and fat loss (even though kettlebell training is good for that too). Because of the dynamic, ballistic exercises involved in kettlebell training, users can gain power, strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Better yet, the strength gained through kettlebell training is functional strength; in other words, strength gained through kettlebell training is applicable to your MMA fights in a way that traditional weight lifting could never be.

gobletThe workouts are designed to move you through kettlebell exercises like a fighter through different attacks, fast and powerfully.

You will be changing levels on your feet, on the ground, you will be doing upper body, lower-body and core exercises that will help you increase your power, strength, explosiveness, cardio, endurance, grip strength, and agility.

This workout will help to add strength and conditioning training to your already crazy training program.

Whether you are in Boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Karate, Grappling or any other Martial Art, you can use these workouts.

Kettlebell MMA Workout – “Unbreakable”


Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds rest. Make sure you complete as many reps as possible with good form suing each interval.

After you complete all 10 exercises, rest for two minutes and complete 3 full rounds

Workout Time: 41 Minutes

(Warm up before and Stretch After this workout)

Exercise List:

1. Bottoms up Swing right
2. Bottoms Up Swing – left
3. Goblet Squat
4. Single Arm Kettlebell Floor Press
5. Single Arm Kettlebell Floor Press
6. Snatch Right
7. Snatch Left
8. Reverse Between the Legs Lunges
9. Clean and Press Right
10. Clean and Press Left

Benefits and Tips to Each Kettlebell Exercise

Bottoms Up Swing

bottoms up• Great grip and wrist strengthening exercise
• The swing variation is awesome for cardio, endurance and lower body power and explosiveness
• Make sure you squeeze the kettlebell at the top of the movement, as the kettlebell begins to rise.
• You also must simultaneously tighten the body at the top of the movement, especially your grip, glutes and the armpit working the swing
• The kettlebell swing is a great exercise for developing explosive hamstrings and when done in high reps incredible cardio and muscular endurance.


Goblet Squat

• Lower body, glutes, core and upper body muscular endurance
• Get as low to the ground as possible.
• Let the elbows touch the inside of your knees
• Builds strength and endurance in the shoulders and forces you to keep the hands up and elbows tight against your torso, throughout the movement.
• Great exercise for wresters, BJJ and MMA Athletes

Kettlebell Floor Press
floor press– It is also great for building strong and a powerful chest, strong triceps, strong shoulders, and impressive core strength.
– Translates into being in your guard and fight off an opponent in the mount position

Kettlebell Snatch
– Total body exercise that build muscular and cardio endurance
– Explosive power is needed for this exercise
– Helps strengthen the posterior chain (abs, trunk and hip joints)

lungeReverse Between the Legs Lunge

– Lower Body exercise (quads, Hamstrings, ad-abductors
– Agility, Balance and stability is also trained
– Must concentrate and work on co-ordination during exercise


Clean and Press

– Cleans are great to teach you to generate power from the hips
– Full Body exercise
– Press will build muscular strength, stability and flexibility


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  1. ideaman99 says:

    That’s a great workout! Thx.

  2. edmunds says:

    What weight of kb do you use? and how many time per week do you recommend doing this routine

    • FunkRoberts says:

      In this particular workout I used 16 and 24kg and I would suggest using this 2X per week along with other training (sprints, abs-core, bodyweight, flexibility) but this is a great Strength and Conditioning Circuit – that you can also use in Elite Strength and Conditioning program if you have it under the FFSC category

  3. uri29 says:

    What a training program is recomended for an mma warrior?
    I see alot of programs,and i want one for a free time a week training.

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