Get A Ripped Midsection using Abs Sequencing Triangle – (2 Workout videos)

Today I have 2 workouts from my good friend Dennis Heenan’s Superhero Abs program using his interesting technique called “Abs Sequencing Triangle”

You can find extremely fast results following this technique.

See, when it comes to training your abs there are three main components that you must focus on:

1. Indirect core training
2. Direct Hybrid Focus
3. Direct core training

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Each one of these plays a major role in the results you see in your midsection.

The indirect core training allows you to hit larger muscle groups and as a result causes your energy expenditure to skyrocket.

And when energy expenditure is high, so is your fat burning.

Direct Hybrid Focus takes your ordinary core exercise and puts them on steroids… OK not actual steroids, but it does make them A LOT more effective when trying to “build and burn” at the same time.

Finally, we have our direct core exercises. Exercises that focus on sculpting your abs so they look nice when that ugly belly fat finally gets blasted from your midsection.

It’s these three simple techniques, that when combined, allow your body to see its best fat burning results ever.”

Watch these two workouts. The first uses his Abs Sequencing Triangle

Core Cardio Crushers #3
Spidy Seconds Climb

Move from one exercises to the next resting ONLY when needed. Rest 60- second between full rounds and repeat 3 total rounds.

Squat to Squat Jump: 20 seconds
Side Plank Dips: 30 seconds each side
Burpees: 40 seconds
Buzzsaw Planks: 50 seconds
Rest up to 60-seconds and repeat 3 total rounds.

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Core Blaster Workout #5:

Move from one exercise to the next resting only when needed. Complete three full rounds.

V-Sit Up: 15 reps
Ab Wheel Rollout: 15 reps
Planks: 60-90 seconds
Repeat up to 3 times, resting only when needed.
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