Well my first pro fight and it was UGLY but I got the job done.  At over 40 years old to go through what I did, I can truly say I am extremtly proud of myself (I think I’m gonna cry – lol)

 This guy had about twenty fights and me, just zero. Although he pretty big, he had some power.  It was an awesome experience, especially because Angela and I were on the same card and we were the Co-Main Event.  After the fight we were overwhelmed by Thai’s and  Farangs (foreigners) to take pictures, congratulate us and just hang out.  It was honestly like being mobbed by the Paparzzi.  Great experience!

Stay tuned for my Fight analysis so you can get an inside look at what I was thinking as the fight was going on.  My next fight will definitely be different, more relaxed, that’s for sure.

Thanks to everyone for all your help!

Any how enought talk and more fight!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Disciple1 says:

    You are right Funk, that fight was ugly. However, the KO was sweet. Like slow mo kicked in. Congrats on your first fight and victory.


  2. kipsta79 says:

    excellent work Funk, that final knock out punch was classic ! – even the ref couldn’t take it ! Keep up the good work dude.

  3. captainkettlebell says:

    Awesome 2nd round mate – 1min44secs classic slow motion punch.
    Bet the ref felt that as well.
    Well Done Funk.

  4. christianpants says:

    Good work bro! Awesome K.O!

  5. FullTimejazz says:

    Nice first fight & KO !

  6. banana says:

    Once again my friend Marc has demonstrated what it takes to be a winner. It takes a great deal of discipline, determination and courage to accomplish what you set out to do only a few months ago. You are an inspiration to us all!

    Very proud of you Marcus!

  7. sokbong says:

    Nice work!!! You were definitely the better conditioned fighter. Hard training pays off! Your friends are all proud of you.

  8. fadyi92 says:

    Way to come through man came out serious that second round and took care of business. congrats brotha!

  9. Trushul says:

    LOL man I dont know what to say….that looked friggen fake…even though it was real…like man that was the funnniest KO I have seen for soo long…FUNK bum rapes! 🙂

  10. MrMicky says:

    Haha That’s Awesome! Hard work payed off 🙂 I hope your just as successful in future fights!

  11. Duppy says:

    Excellent job on your fight! You came out gunnin for him in the 2nd, after you hit him with a solid hook and that barrage of hooks (nd possibly elbows) it was pretty much yours for the taking. The KO was icing on the cake, and proper way to finish! Congrats!!

    Good luck for future fights!


  12. angel6969 says:

    Excellent fight Funk! you did very well the tko! there are a lot of more victorys waiting for you! go forward!

  13. kikizany says:

    That was awesome! Congrats on the victory Mark.

  14. jreynolds46 says:

    Lol @ the slo mo knockout. Good work, keep doing what your doing

  15. dxb160 says:

    Wow, with a single cross, you got your opponent and the ref on the mat!:=)
    That is punching! Great work!

  16. tbowlsby says:


    You did better than you give yourself credit for. Even though in your head you “fell apart,” in reality you held it together pretty well – especially given this was your first fight. And, hey, you go the “W.”

    One other comment: I discovered your Website two days ago and absolutely LOVE it! One of the things that has drawn me to it most, besides the excellent information, techniques, workouts, etc., is you. You are an intelligent and very likeable guy. Watching your post-fight analysis video above, I found myself laughing and really enjoying watching – almost like you and I were just hangin’ and talking.

    Anyway, nice job on the fight and nice work on the site.

    Todd “T-Bo” Bowlsby

  17. quandera says:

    I have to say that was not ugly for a first fight, just the turning around during the fight. But after watching most of your tough training, you did really well. Keep it up! Nice boxing form there sir, also thanks for the knowledgeable vids and work out tips Dr Funk. I seen your Mir weight vest vid over a year ago and did not know you had so many others on youtube.

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