Chaos Training – Part 2 – METCON and Lactic Acid Workout

Chaos Training is a method as being the perfect blend of focused strength work, power training, and intense conditioning all mixed together into near perfect progressive-based training program.

The goals of these workouts are to help you improve and build strength endurance, explosive power, lactate threshold, cardio and athletic performance.

Everything you NEED as a combat fighter or someone that wants to be more physically fit.

In part 2 of our series we have two more 5-minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) chaos conditioning circuits that you can use to give your different results

The first is what we call Chaos METCON training. This is where we combine a complex exercise (exercise that combines more than one movement) with volume-based conditioning.

Unlike Strength Endurance training, because you are using a complex movement, you will not be able complete as many reps but the exercise will force you to increase your work capacity, strength, power and endurance while taxing your cardiovascular system.

On top of everything else you will burn excess fat, become more athletic and improve your ability to produce powerful movements even while you are tired.

Complete as many reps as possible in 5 minutes of the following exercise resting when needed:
Burpee Push Up to Med Ball Dead Clean and Backward Toss

With this exercise you must use a heavy medicine ball that forces you to use full body explosive power and movement to get it up and tossed behind your back. We used a 50-pound Med Ball in this sequence

Mike using the training mask blasted out 39 total reps in 5 minutes

The second circuit is called our Chaos Lactic Acid Workout. In this workout we are using one exercise (movement) for 5 minutes that focuses on speed, power and efficiency against the clock. The goal is to build lactate acid threshold, power and strength endurance.

Complete as many reps as possible in 5 minutes of the following exercise resting when needed:

Explosive Frog Thrusts (Explosive Takedowns or Blast Offs)

Mike blasted out 129 with the training mask on.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we put together a FULL Chaos Training Circuit that you can use in your future training sessions.

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