Cardio Interval Sprints on the Treadmill

For the MMA and Combat Fighter building cardio endurance is critical to being an effective fighter, but so many neglect to train their heart and instead settle for traditional weight training in the gym or going on occasional long runs.

Cardiovascular endurance should be the foundation of a fighters conditioning program and trained throughout the year. If your cardio is lacking you will not go far in your sport.

It will make it hard to train, learn new skills and most important fight. Striking, takedowns and defense will be impossible if you can’t get the oxygen to the lungs.

Even the best-advanced fighters will be shrunk to a novice level if they run out of gas during sparring or in a fight.

You have to willing to put in the hard work to achieve top cardio endurance hat will propel you to the next level.

Using Interval Sprints are on of the nest ways to improve your cardio. The only problem is, weather can limit access to a track or field to run them. Hitting your local gym and using the treadmill to perform Cardio Intervals is the next best thing.

Try this 30-30 Cardio Interval Sprint Workout on the treadmill if you can’t get outside 2X per week and watch your cardio fitness rapidly improve.

Fights are won and lost in the gym, the harder you train in the gym on your cardio endurance the longer you will be able to fight. Always be prepared to go the distance and don’t depend on your “BIG KNOCKOUT PUNCH” to end the fight early. You are only setting yourself up for disaster.

Train Hard, Fight Eazy!

Funk Roberts



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6 Responses to Cardio Interval Sprints on the Treadmill

  1. shuddie54 says:

    I’m going to try this interval workout. I’ve done the 1 minute speed and 1 minute rest. This should be a good challenge.

  2. cberman07 says:


    Just did this workout today, awesome burner. I did however tweak it a little bit, I decided to put it on a slight incline of about 1.5% to 2%. Towards the end you feel you are fighting a serious uphill battle, just like how fights can feel at times.

    Thanks for all you do and best wishes

    • FunkRoberts says:

      I LOVE IT!!- Never make the exercise easier, make yourself get better – plus you made the exercise harder. That’s are a TRUE FUNKINATOR – Terminating workouts and Getting it Done!!! – Love the Warrior Spirit

  3. antaresbrown says:

    Great workout, I used the cardio/treadmill challenge as a finisher to my workout. I love doing this on the treadmill because I can throw some variety into the workout. Change the speed, change the incline. . .whatever! GET IT DONE!!

  4. dagodiddy says:

    Greetings, this has always been huge in my training. I like to do it on a 3.5/4 incline just for a little bit more of a challenge. I do this for my morning cardio as im pressed for time. Great work out and great tips. I’m GETTING IT DONE

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