Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez UFC 121 – Who Will Win?


With the Lesnar vs Velasquez UFC 121 Heavyweight Title fight a day away.  The big question everyone is asking is who will win.

 Well I know who will win; Brock Lesnar.  It’s funny how with this fight match-up the main aspect that everyone is focusing on seems to be conditioning. I’m not sure I remember another fight where conditioning has been the main topic of what could be the deciding factor of the fight.

Yes I know, Cain was a big-time wrestler that fought for Arizona State University, and was a two-time All American.  And there is no doubt that the American Top team MMA fighter never seems to get tired.  His tank is always full of gas.

But Brock was also a two-time All American at Minnesota, but he was the 2000 NCAA heavyweight champion.  He also has great conditioning and coming in a little lighter than before at 264lb, but still boasting a larger than life size difference on Cain.  This is Brock’s fight no doubt.   He is a better wrestler, can withstand a pounding, as we saw with Carwin, and has the heart of a lion (coming back from near death).

My prediction Lesnar in the 3rd by TKO (Ref Stoppage)

Check out Brock’s training video and you will see why he RULES!!!


 If I get 50 comments/predictions before 9:00PM tomorrow, then I will shoot an exclusive workout for the FunkMMA subscribers only!  Tell your friends.


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4 Responses to Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez UFC 121 – Who Will Win?

  1. FunkRoberts says:


  2. MMAOntario says:

    Everyone has a shot in the fight game. That’s what makes it so exciting.
    My brother and I were talking about this matchup. I am heavily favouring Brock, however, we cannot count Cain out just yet.

    The possibility that Cain is much quicker than Brock needs to be explored. Think of the fight between Edgar and Penn. If Cain uses crisp boxing, and keeps moving, he could win by decision, or perhaps wear Brock out enough to finish the fight in the later rounds.

    The argument was convincing enough for me to question my pick. Brock could certainly win in any round, in almost every position, but keep on the lookout for some sick boxing from Velasquez. That’s his key to becoming the Heavyweight Champion.

  3. osky says:

    i think brock is gonna win!he s very massive!

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