Boxing for MMA with Rob Pilger – 5 Videos

Rob was a competitive Amateur boxer winning three golden glove championships. He has been involved in boxing, as a fighter, then trainer for 16 years. His Amateur training experience consists of being assistant trainer at three national golden glove tournaments and many other state tournaments, fight shows. Rob has been a strength/conditioning consultant to top national champion fighters. Rob also works with professional fighters as a skill and strength/conditioning coach.

He has interned with, studied, and taken seminars with some of the biggest names in strength/conditioning. Rob is a CHEK Level II Practitioner, Level II USA Boxing Coach, and Licensed Pro Boxing Trainer.

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Boxing Striking For MMA, UFC, Workout, Body Shot, Feint Combos

Watch how UFC fighter Matt Brown works on his boxing striking on the body shield. We are working feints, and body shot combos here.

Boxing Defense Secrets Workout -Slip Drill Tip

Learn how to slip the jab and right hand in your boxing training workout programs.

Boxing Defense Training Workout-Cutting Off The Ring Drill

Learn how to cut off the ring with this boxing training defense drill.

Boxing Foot Work Workout Tip: Punch Stance Drill

Learn proper boxing/striking punching stance to improve your boxing workouts and develop true ko power from this training tip.

Heavy Bag Interval Boxing Training Workout Drill #2

Heavy Bag boxing workout interval drill technique tip routine.



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