Bodyweight Workout for MMA and Combat Fighters – “Thai Attack”




Metabolic Bodyweight Conditioning (FFMBC) – “Thai Attack”

This workout will help you develop full body conditioning, explosive power and insane cardio. The use of Plyometrics will stimulate an athlete to use greater force in a shorter period of time while shooting in, jumping, punching or kicking.

Using bodyweight training will also trains the body to move as one which mimic many movements in the MMA or combat ring.

This workout needs to be done at your highest intensity performing as many reps as possible for each exercise. You can use these workouts multiple times throughout the week and as the final conditioning workouts a few weeks before your fights.


The “Thai Attack Bodyweight workout will help burn fat, build lean muscle and increase cardio fast. This bodyweight workout is metabolic and will help you get ripped and muscular like an MMA fighter.

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Set your GymBoss Timer and perform each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other. Make sure you preform many reps as possible during each interval.


Rest for two minutes and complete 3 full rounds for a 45-minute bodyweight destruction.

1. Star Burpees
2. Push Up and Alternate Arm Raises
3. Rotating Thai Jump Squats
4. Accordion Knee Grabs
5. Alternate Reverse Lunge and Leg Kick
6. Fighters Stance Foot Shuffles
7. Single Leg Hip Thrust and Kick
8. Hindu Squats
9. Jump Jack Push Ups
10. Table Maker Kick Ups
11. Buzz Saw

Benefits of Each Exercise

Star Burpees – full body plyometric exercise to help develop cardio, endurance, explosiveness and strength

Push Up and Alternate Arm Raises – exercise will help with upper body and upper back. The core and obliques will be engaged when raising each hand. Your shoulders and chest will be the primary target

Rotating Thai Jump Squats – This plyometric movement will help build quick explosive leg power, cardio and muscular endurance along with agility, balance and coordination

Accordion Knee Grabs – this is a full abs and core movement that also require you to work on your balance

Alternate Reverse Lunge and Leg Kick – this is a lower body exercise with an explosive kick at the end to simulate strike in the ring

Fighters Stance Foot Shuffles – These are straight cardio, speed, agility and plyo movement to get the fast twitch muscles moving

Single Leg Hip Thrust and Kick – Hip, Hamstring and butt exercise to develop hip explosion needed if you are trying for hip escapes or bucks in MMA, BJJ or Wrestling

Hindu Squats – Great exercise for thighs and balance.

Jump Jack Push Ups – This crazy upper body plyometric exercise that target the entire body. You will develop muscular and strength endurance quickly with this movement

Table Maker Kick Ups – This exercise will tax your cardio, triceps and core along with working your fast twitch muscles with the continuous kicks

Buzz Saw – this is an ultimate core and upper body exercise that is the end all be all of this workout. Your body will be totally fatigued and by time you reach this exercise you will have to tap into your mental toughness to get through.


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