Back Workout (Pulling Circuit for Grapplers, BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai and Wrestling)

New Back Training Video – check out this Back Tri-set (Giant Set) I ripped up when I was in Thailand. Grapplers, BJJ and MMA fighters often perform more PUSH than PULL exercises. But grappling is a sport where you want to be pulling your opponent closer and controlling the fight.

Add pulling exercises to your workouts to ensure you are training for your sport.

Back Tri-Set Workout

As a workout, perform 10 reps of each exercise, one after the other for one complete set. Rest for 3-5 minutes and repeat for a total of 3-4 sets.

Bent Over Barbell Row
Standing Machine High Pulls
DB Renegade Rows

3 Ways to Use Back Tri-Set Workout

1. Back Trisets Workout – use this as a full back workout

2. Back Finisher – use one round after your regular training session

3. Improve Lagging Body parts – Use on your free workout day if using Metabolic Training to help build and focus on your back

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3 Responses to Back Workout (Pulling Circuit for Grapplers, BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai and Wrestling)

  1. Darren b says:

    Hi funk, great back tri-set, would you use this as an opposing superset with the brilliant chest workout from last week or would that be too challenging?

  2. says:

    Good workout Funk, I use it for my tennis students. With all of the shots they have to make on the run and the serve, a stronger back and shoulders is vital.

  3. Matty18 says:

    Best Workout I’ve Done So Far! Thanks Funk! Like I Said Before Keep Them Coming!

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