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Today, I want to help you avoid or fix some common mistakes I see Combat athletes making in their overall strength and conditioning programs. Over the past few years I have worked with many MMA and Martial Arts athletes to help them correct these mistakes helping them to get improved results very quickly.

Don’t make these mistakes in your training. And if you are making any of them, it’s time we fix it, so you too can achieve rapid results.

Today I am going to uncover 5 Big Mistakes MMA and Combat Fighters make in their overall strength, conditioning and nutrition and how to avoid or fix them

MISTAKE #1 – You Are Still Doing Traditional Weight Training

barbell curlThe most prevalent problem we see is MMA and Combat Athletes using traditional weightlifting and isolation exercises exclusively for their training.

You are aware of and likely practicing the same old drills; training splits like “bi’s and tri’s” or “chest and back” or “legs and shoulders”, three days a week for 60 minutes, three sets of 10 slow reps, three to five minutes rest in between…yada, yada, yada…

The problem with that is the practice of MMA and other combat sports involves multiple joint and muscular movements. As a simple example let’s look at the motion of throwing a punch. The fighter starts with legs using the rear foot to push up then thrusting the read hip forward, as this will generate the most power.

ainsley robinsonThe energy from the thrust travels through your tight upper torso to your shoulder, your biceps and triceps, through your forearm and eventually to the intended target. Just consider for a moment all the movements required for one single punch. Now imagine doing that over and over again. That’s just the punch.

Think of the explosive power and strength needed shooting for takedowns or defending one. What about the muscular endurance needed for continuous grappling on the ground or the insane cardio you need to last an entire fight so you don’t gas out and end up LOSING!

SOLUTION – Ditch the Traditional Weight Lifting Splits and Implement Strength and Conditioning into Your Program

You must use a variety of strength and conditioning workouts that will target explosive power, muscular endurance, overall strength, cardiovascular system, abs and core strength, flexibility using workouts that involve such aspects as compound movements, plyometric training, sprint interval, metabolic circuits, core and abs workouts, power and strength workouts to name a few.

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MISTAKE #2 – You Miss Too Many Workout Sessions

frustrated-faceWhat is more frustrating than then trying to get your strength workouts and cardio session in each week? How many times have you been right on schedule one week, frequenting the gym four or five times, only to fall behind the following week as a result of one quick, lack luster weight training session caused by unforeseen circumstances that surfaced in your life.

The result is missed workouts!

masvidal_mandel_2-e1347424985133When you miss the opportunity to train your strength and conditioning, it not only decreases your overall progress as an athlete but if your cardiovascular system is regularly underworked or neglected you won’t have the stamina to continue the drill or learn new techniques.

Imagine you are working over and over again on a new Muay Thai combo in class and your conditioning is minimal. You wouldn’t be able to make it through the session…. seems like a waste of time and your money!

FUNK PROWLER EXERCISEWhile skill training needs to remain your premier focus, strength and conditioning cannot take a back seat. The better conditioned athlete you are, the more effective and efficient you will be in the learning phase or enhancement phase of your combat fighting skills.

Now you see the negative affect of constantly missing your workout sessions can have on your overall training and progress.

Solution – Make a Plan Each Week and Stick To It

Since You MUST cover and train different aspects of your strength and conditioning on a weekly basis in order to progress toward becoming an Elite MMA athlete, it needs to be scheduled. We all have regular, day-to-day activities in our lives. Whether it’s work, school, family, appointments, etc., our combat skill and conditioning training must fit in.

Whether you are looking to compete or are strictly recreational, Here is a Step by step process you can do to avoid missing weekly workouts.

1. Grab a Calendar/PDA/Piece of Paper
2. Plan out your daily activities (Week’s work/school, meetings, appointments, family and social events into a calendar)
3. Plug in your Combat Sport and Skill Training schedule (i.e. Mon-Wrestling/MMA, Wed Muay Thai Friday – BJJ)
4. Fill in workout sessions (Your sessions must be workouts that target and focus on the attributes you need to be an MMA fighter – see Mistake 1)

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Mistake #3 – You Are Not Eating The Right Foods

Funk-MMA nutritoin-website4One of the most frustrating elements of being an athlete is what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. Being an MMA athlete is no exception. There are literally thousands of MMA and combat athletes ranging from beginners to UFC Fighters that face the same problem.

Conversely, eating the wrong foods can be a detriment to your training program and can hinder your overall performance. This can have a serious and negative impact on your overall progress. You may find yourself with a lack of energy, adding unwanted weight, fatigued, sluggish, and may even increase inflammation.

Solution – Seek Nutrition Advice or Resources

Look to Nutritional Resources that show you the right kind of carbs, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, mineral, liquids and supplements you should be stocking your fridge with in order to increase your metabolism, feed your body for muscle gain and increase strength: boost your energy and speed up recover from your daily high intensity training sessions.

Oh and I almost forgot your RIPPED ABS!

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Mistake #4 – You Get Injured Too Much

How many times have you been late for your combat training class and find yourself rushing to get changed and on the floor as quick as possible and end up ditching your warm up.

leg castSubsequently how many times have you finished a session, just to pack up and leave without a single stretch, only to find yourself up on the injury shelf for a few weeks from the tweaked back, shoulder or knee, something that could have been avoided with a good pre session warm up and post stretch routine.

That used to be me, especially with my extremely tight hips and age (44yrs old). While training for my fight in Muay Thai fight in Thailand it wasn’t until I started a consistent pre-warm up and post workout stretch that my skills (especially kicking) started to improve rapidly. I wasn’t getting the nagging injuries even though my training was increased to twice a day and my recovery between sessions was quick.

Solution: Implement a Pre-Workout Dynamic Warm Up and Post Training Static Stretch Each Session

stetech1.Still007No athlete should conduct a workout or a sport training session without a thorough dynamic warm up and post static stretch. Everything from your joints, ligaments, muscles and heart need to get the blood flowing and cardiovascular system ignited so that your ligaments and warm, stretched and ready for the high intensity training your about to perform.

Post workout stretches not only keep you flexible and off the injury shelf, but speed up recovery between training sessions

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Mistake #5 – Getting Too Much Information From the Wrong Sources

MMA is a relatively new combat sport so it’s a little aggravating when you as an MMA athlete can’t find the right information on training and diet and nutrition. What you read in magazines about a popular workout that GSP did and try to do it yourself…the only problem is, that workout is designed specifically for GSP to based on his goals, weaknesses and up-coming strategies, all which are probably different from yours.

Magazines are predominantly supplements and products they are mostly for marketing purposes.
Other times you are reading articles on training and nutrition everyday but for you to actually start doing what the articles tell you become overwhelming and you are struck with “Information Overload”

Seek out a few MMA or Combat Conditioning Experts, read some of their information, start and stick to one of their programs. Make sure it is online with your goals and it will help to solve your problems and get you over the barriers that are stopping you from become and well conditioned and better overall athlete.

I have just shared with you 5 common mistakes made by MMA and Combat Athletes in their overall strength and conditioning. I gave you a solution, but it may still be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start and once again you are in the same situation before you began reading this article.

Instead grab a copy and access our new Funk-Flex Strength and Conditioning for MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Athletes program at 80% off this week and we will help you and teach you how not only how to fix these mistakes but give you additional resources that will take your overall conditioning to Elite Level!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, weekend warrior, amateur or pro, this program will help you make rapid results in your strength and conditioning, which translate into you being better at your sport.

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