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Muay Thai with Duke Roufus – 5 Videos

Learn Muay Thai from one of the best with this awesome video series. World Muay Thai Champion Duke Roufus, widely considered to be one of the most technical heavyweights of all time, shares his personal knowledge of Muay Thai leaned from extensive training in Thailand and as coach of the legendary Roufus Kickboxing Team in Milwaukee, WI Continue reading

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BJJ with Robert Drysdale Nth Dimension Jiu-Jitsu – 6 Videos

The highly anticipated Nth Dimension Of Jiu-Jitsu series! Robert Drysdale, the 2007 ADCC Absolute Champion pulls out the stops with his unorthodox grappling system that is quite unlike anything you have ever seen before Continue reading

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Catch Wrestling with Tony Cecchine – 5 Techniques Videos

Learn the devastating art of the oldest grappling style known, Catch Wrestling Continue reading

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Okay, so maybe not the exact Randy Couture Grappling workout, but I am quite sure that he would approve. This is the FunkMMA version of the workout. Check out my beard from the past.

Continue reading

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I picked up a pair of Fat Gripz and love them. If you want to increase your grip, forearm and overall muscular strength, then the small investment for the Gripz are the way to go. Check out my review and workout Continue reading

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